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An EA digital distribution platform

Origin is the digital distribution platform for almost all EA games, and most titles will require an account for this service before you start playing. The software has many benefits to its competitors but lacks the variety of products that competitors offer. However, they do provide a monthly subscription service hat provides gaming access to selected items.

Electronic arts

Origin is a necessary service if you want to play almost any game created by Electronic Arts. You’ll need to create an account before you can download or play any title available in their catalog.

The platform is constantly fixing bugs, from their store pages to your library. They also update their catalog whenever a new game is released, allowing you to get your hands on it as soon as possible.

The program itself is low on system requirements and can run on almost any modern computer. When the software needs to update it does so automatically, ensuring you have the best possible experience while using the application.

EA-made catalog

The Origin store provides you with access to the Electronic Arts catalog, where you search for and purchase a wide selection of games. There are a number of titles that do not belong to EA but are on the market. Origin is safe to buy games from as it is the official digital distribution platform for all Electronic Arts titles.

Monthly subscription

Origin Access is the monthly subscription available from EA Games’ Origin platform. Access gives you unlimited playtime on over 70 older games, with the library still growing. This subscription is unneeded if you only want to purchase or play games available in your library.

You’ll also receive a 10% discount on all purchases made within the Origin store while you have a subscription to Access. There is a premium tier available that offers full access to titles days before they officially release.

Game library

Any game you buy or have access to will appear in your library. From here, you can access and download your games. The interface for the library is sleek and easy to use which lets you quickly launch gaming titles even if they’re at the bottom of the list.

Great usability

Origin has many great features that enhance usability from the moment you finish your login. The store pages have distinguishable buy buttons to direct purchases and a filter system that lets you find titles you want to play.

Social features

Origin offers support for social interactions thanks to their friend system. You can add other users that you want to play multiplayer games with as well as message them. You’ll need to choose a username and profile picture that represents you to other players.


Unlike its competitors, Origin does not have a massive variety of games or sales, making its competitors a better choice overall. However, Electronic Arts does have many popular games that you’ll only be able to play by using the Origin digital distribution platform.

Some titles available for the EA store include Sims 4, Titan Fall 2, and many more. However, games such as Minecraft are unavailable on the platform.


If you prefer to purchase your games elsewhere, these alternatives may be a better choice, although their available games are not all the same.

Steam is the largest digital distribution platform that offers frequent game sales and a large selection of free-to-play titles. The service has groups, friends, and a marketplace for in-game items.

Epic Games Store is another online digital distributor with both paid and free products available. They frequently giveaway titles for free or host sales.

Uplay is Ubisoft’s official distribution platform for computer systems. The platform is required to run any Ubisoft game, even when the title has been downloaded through Steam.

GOG Galaxy is a great way to experience older, classic games as well as new titles that are DRM-free. There are titles available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linus.

Download and play

Origin is the only way to play most EA games on your computer. The utility has many social features such as a friends list and messaging system. EA games cannot be played without an Origin account.

The platform updates itself without any need for you to download an additional file. Games will also be updated automatically.

EA Link is a secure yet simple application that lets you download your favorite EA PC games directly to your computer, saving you time and getting you in the game sooner.

Once you have EA Link, you’ll get access to all the latest PC games and patches, along with other great exclusive content – all of which can be yours with just a few mouse-clicks.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic updates
  • Built-in social features


  • Smaller catalog
  • Needed to play EA games

Program available in other languages

User reviews about Origin

  • Oreo

    by Oreo

    I wish Origin improved with time like a fine wine. Origin is more like some sort of bleu cheese whose aging went horribly wrong at some point. It just More

  • Jami Conerly

    by Jami Conerly

    I bought a hardcopy of the sims 4 a few years back. I didnt fully understand the whole origin situation then so I didnt take my username and password  More

  • Mike Simmons

    by Mike Simmons

    Most fustrating bit of buggy software around, 30min into game crash... Restart from the begining again as many games don't have autosave function. Rep More

  • Jerin Jay

    by Jerin Jay

    Absolute garbage! I hate this program so much, every f***ing time i go to play it needs an update, and it keeps reseting my password, Steam is the way More

  • Origin Sucks

    by Origin Sucks

    So I’m a big fan of the sims, I've downloaded the sims 4 3 years ago since then I ALWAYS had problem in launching the game or saving or bugs. Pretty m More

  • Safwat Zaman Shanto

    by Safwat Zaman Shanto

    Origin does not run. It always hangs. I could not install it properly. The worst of the worst.


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